Our Services

Ruocchio Designs has experience with museum exhibits of all sizes, complexity and budgets. We can manage the entire project or work with your staff through the design and installation process.

Ruocchio Designs provides design, custom building and installation services for any project. Whether your goal is to transform your office environment, or to create a desired mood in your space, we can handle the entire project or work with your architect /interior designer to take your project to new levels. 

Concepts and Renderings

Ruocchio Designs creates vibrant concept renderings that bring a wide range of projects to life and help our clients to gain constituent support. From helping a museum to strengthen its case for funding a new exhibit, to presenting a convincing idea in the board room, we can be a part of your project development phase. We don’t even need blueprints! Just explain your needs or even give us a simple napkin sketch. We will work with you to flesh out your vision.

Ruocchio Designs can design, lay out, render or use client files to print and install a wall mural of any size.



Whether your goal is to transform your retail environment to increase sales, to match the image of your company or to re-imagine it for you, Ruocchio Designs can handle it. We can help push products or create a cool retail environment for your customers.


 Ruocchio Designs specializes in fiberglass, high-density foams, and lightweight needs. Covering the spectrum of whimsical to realistic, we design our sculpture to withstand traffic in all settings.


Ruocchio Designs can design, fabricate and install signs of all sizes, complexity, and materials depending on the needs or requirements of the location, keeping in mind the desire to create something unique.


Using your site elevations and site drawings, Ruocchio Designs can create a visually engaging scale model of your development projects.  Our process involves 3-D printing, CNC routing & machining for absolute accuracy, all in the hands of skilled craftsmen.